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Nick's Knax :: All of the things that Nick J. Steglich is good at making - Now for sale!
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Welcome to my first offical website designed to sell my artwork. For years and years, I have been producing art on many different levels, and using a multitude of techniques, styles and media. Much of what I have made has either gone to friends and family as gifts, while the rest of it adorns the walls of my house.

I am an artist by nature and seek out new and unique ways to create it. While I am - in a more professional sense - a graphic designer and create artwork for people as a career, the artwork featured on this website was not created for any other reason than to create. I did it for me. I poured my soul into these works, and each one has a different, special meaning to me. So It was a surprise to me when people started coming over, seeing it and saying, "Nick! You should sell your artwork!" I thought, "I guess, but who would buy it?"

My family has always encouraged my artistic expression - and have also encouraged me to try and sell it. But they're my family - they're supposed to do that. But when more and more people came over or saw my work and all said the same thing... I started to wonder if I should. The straw that broke the camel's back was when John - a friend of a friend - came by to drop off one of my kittehs. He had never been over before, and knew very little of what I did. He walked in and stood there, staring and pouring over my art. He seemed blown away by it, and in short order, told me that I should sell it. Well... that was that. I didn't really know the guy, and he had no obligation to say what he did - so I figured maybe this was the time.

So I started this website. It's much like my other portfolio websites, but with the particular intent to sell these items. I have recently gotten into etching glass and metal to create my first, real and reproducable items to sell. They are already a hit, and they will be featured on this website as well. I invite you to come in, and have a look around. Some of it is for sale, some of it is not, and some of it has gone to folks already. I have it all on here so you know what I am capable of and what I can do for you. I entertain requests as well - so if there is a drawing of someone special you want done, or a painting with a particular color scheme - let me know!

I am your artist for hire - and I am ready to create!

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