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Nick Steglich's Bio Photo Artist's Name: Nick J. Steglich
Artistic Focus: HA! As if. I WISH I had a focus!
Phone: 978.995.6048

Born and raised in a small town - Marblehead, MA - where art and artists were abundant, to Helmar and Nanine Steglich who were artists themselves, I grew up in an entirely arts-aware environment. It was all around me. Marblehead boasts the "prettiest sailing harbor" in the world (I think), and as such, much of the art I was exposed to as a youth was of the ocean, and boats, and fishing-town themes. It was a very New England up-bringing. My mother, Nanine Steglich was quite well known in the community for her artistic renditions and prints of the Marblehead skyline, and I can remember helping her color some of those in when I was just a boy. She was part of the Marblehead Arts Association and for many years, sold her artwork at the Marblehead Arts Festival and through Arnold's Gallery.

So the quest to produce and create has never been far from my mind. As a youth, I won an award for a drawing I did, but though I did not take any art classes in high school, I was always compelled to make art, in whatever way I could.

In college, at UMass Amherst, was when I really started to explore my love of drawing and painting and digital art. After a failed stint at becoming an optical engineer, I decided that my true passions laid in art, and sought out a way to merge that love with my love of computers. It was at that point that I found the CKC, and the animation class that I eventually went on to teach and direct the final projects for. The BDIC program (Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration) at UMass allowed me to combine classes from the Computer Science department and the Art department to create my own major - 3D Computer Animation and Graphic Design. Because I was required to draw from both departments, I took several core art classes, where I learned much of what I attempt to perfect these days. Figure and portrait drawing was one of my deepest passions and I took every class on it that was offered. It was an excellent learning experience for me and I still employ techniques I learned in those classes today. And while I was still deeply and devotedly committed to the computer end of the arts - mainly 3D modelling and animation, I spent my free time drawing and creating my first real pieces of art.

I largely credit my good friend, EJ Dawson, for really pushing me and inspiring me and fostering my love of drawing. He established our (no offense intended) "Art Fag" night, where we would get thogether, drink a few beers and draw or paint, or just create. It was in this time that I drew a few of my favorite pieces - primarily the drawings of Cassie. From this stemmed my love of portrait drawing. About that time, I also became friends with Erick Burnett - one of the most talented artists I have ever met. He inspired me to look at art from a non-traditional way, and just create as it came to mind. He is an exceptional airbrush artist, as well as a creator of all things artistic. looking back, he and I are very similar in our approaches to art in that we will create using any medium that comes to mind to produce truly unique and inspired works.

It was through these connections, and many more, that I eventually blossomed into the artist I am today. I thoroughly enjoy creating artwork in any way I can wrap my head around. I actively produce digital artwork for use in graphic design, website design, and other digital design for my company, Focus Power. On the side, I produce drawings, paintings, and various other products just for the love of creating. For many years, friends and family have been telling me that I should sell them, but it has all been so personal that I never really saw the potential in that. Now that I am running out of wall-space, however, I am realizing thatmaybe I should, so I can create more.

This website is devoted to my on-going love of creating artwork. As time moves on, so does my creative energy and I shift my focus between drawing, painting and creating unique and varied pieces of art. At some point, I do have to believe that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and accept that I should try and sell some of it. This is that attempt. To be honest, if it doesn't sell, I am okay with that - it all has some kind of deep, spiritual meaning to me, and I would be just as happy keeping it. But, I wouldn't mind also clearing som space on the walls and the push to make more.

I hope you all enjoy this artwork as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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