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Knax, Knacks, Kacs, knicknacks, art, custom art, painting, drawing, jewelry, clothing, etching, stickers, wearables, products, photography, items for sale, art for sale, framed art,  glassware, custom decals, pillows, blankets, Curtains Paintings - Acrylic, Oil, Latex, Spray, etc. Paintings for sale Drawings - Pencil, Pen, Conte Crayon, Pastel, etc. Drawings for sale. Photography - Mostly all digital shots of various subjects - Prints for sale in various formats Jewelry and Wearable Art - Custom made bracelets, necklaces, earrings, clothing, hats, adornment - for sale Etching - On glass, steel, whatever - original designs and custom etched designs - for sale Stickers & Decals - I can make decals for just about any vector image. I have a few original designs that can be output at just about any size. Other Products - Sellable art that I have created for other clients or as autonomous items. This is how you contact me to purchase one of my pieces
Favorite Links :: Some of my more favorite places to visit on the web
Splatter Girl - Splatter Series - Acrylic on Canvas Koki Ahh! Church in Fog
  Crafts - Clay Figurines - Mikey Etching - Bar Napkin Series - Electric Girl Mikayla Logo
Favorite Links

Incredible Things - A website devoted to, well... Incredible Things. They update the site daily, except for the weekends and they have all sorts of great items for your home, or neat inventions, kitchy little toys and items and some cool artwork.

W00T! - 1 item a day, at a great price - anything from vacuum cleaners to digital cameras to ladders. Also make sure to check out Shirt.Woot! and Wine.Woot! - same idea, different things. Shirt.Woot! is especially cool as that they have a weekly design contest, the winner of which gets I think $1000 plus their shirts printed up and sold to the masses. There are some great designs on there!

That Daily Deal - Another 1-item per day site... or rather, 1 item at a time, until it’s sold out, then they change it.

SlickDeals - A site that lists a bunch of great deals on all sorts of products - it lists the product, length of the promotion and where to find it.

Etsy - A website not unlike this one - but for everybody. It’s a place to sell your arts, crafts and other awesome stuff. Coming soon, I will have a page on this site.


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