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Privacy Policy & Copyright Information
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Privacy Policy and Copyright Information

Here at, any personal information that we may gather from you will be solely intended to either contact you in regards to a question you may have, or for the sales of our merchandise. Any payments made to us for the purchase of our goods will be handled either through a payment gateway such as PayPal, or by cash or check only. We will not collect credit card information at any time.

We also vow to keep your personal information private by not selling email or mailing addresses, or any other contact information such as phone numbers or names to any other agency or individual, for any reason. No information will be stored on-site so that spam-bots will not be able to harvest it. And as of right now, we do not have a mailing list, so any correspondence that is not expressly addressed to you in response to a question or sale, and which appears to be from our website, would not arise from our system. Please alert us immediately to any such correspondences as that they are likely a hack of our website and we will need to take corrective actions as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking time to read our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding any of these policies, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Copyright Statement

All works of art, including paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry, statuettes, crafting, etched products, stickers, magnets and various other products are the sole property of Nicolas J. Steglich, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

The "Products" page contains links to products for which Nick J. Steglich aided in the creation of - either through the design, artwork, or fabrication of - but for which he does not own the copyrights to. Each of these links should link through to the owners' websites and sales portals (where applicable). No commission is charged or incurred by following these links. They are to help promote the sales for that business only.

The "Family, Friends and Associates" pages and links to other people's works will have their own copyright information associated with that artwork., nor any of it's constituents, will be or be held responsible for protecting or enforcing the copyright protection of any works not immediately owned by Nick J. Steglich.

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