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Drawings :: Pen, Pencil or Conte Crayon on Paper or Napkin
Koki Ahh! Matt Natti - Pencil on paper The Rents - Pencil on Paper
  Self Portrait - Pencil on Paper Dan - Pencil on Paper Kirst Returns - Pencil on Paper
  Kayla & Sparky - Pencil on Paper Pearl - Pencil on Paper Aimee Stark - Pencil on Paper
  Cassy A. - Pencil on Paper Melissa & Sarah - Pencil on Paper Random Girl - Pencil on Paper
  Cassie - Energy - Conte Crayon on Colored, Textured Paper Halley Bright Eyes - Conte Crayon on Colored, Textured Paper Anime Girl - Colored Pencil on Colored Paper - Framed
  Joy - Pen on Bar Napkin Electric Girl - Pen on Bar Napkin Seed - Pen on Bar Napkin
  The Passing - Pen on Bar Napkin Sunset - Pen on Bar Napkin The Eye - Pen on Bar Napkin
  Kaeza - Pencil/Pen on Paper The Tomb - Pencil on Paper Drawing - Adventure 323
  Drawing - Justine Drawing - Dragon Line Art  

I have always been much more inclined to draw, rather than paint or use really any other medium. I am drawn (pun only slightly intended) to the detail that can be obtained for the fine, hard point of a pen or pencil. Granted, learned and far more talented painters than myself can obtain this level of detail - and probably much more. I lack that ability... at least for right now.

The vast majority of my drawing is of people. These are usually people I know. Occasionally I find a photo of someone else that just begs me to draw it and so I do. I really only ever work off of photos as that I try for photo-realism. It's that detail thing again. But I never trace or project... just transfer mediums through my eyes and hands. And on a deeper level, this is how I get closer to people - by studying their form and figure, and with each curve, line and stroke of my hand, recreate their visage. Its a spiritual endeavor for me. As such, I tend to draw people who move me spiritually - and in turn, the ones who move me the most are the drawings that come out best.

When I am not drawing people, I tend to focus on drawing "tribal" designs, very much in the vein of tattoo design. I have drawn several tattoos for people in the past, and I am always happy to be commissioned to draw up a tattoo for someone. There is no greater honor than to have something you draw, forever inked on another person. That just rules! I have included a series of bar napkin drawings that I did a few years back. I had been going out by myself to various bars in hopes of meeting Mrs. Right, but found myself being too shy to speak up - so instead, I did what made me happy and feel comfortable - I drew. I drew mostly tribal designs because usually all I had was a pen (stolen from the Keno supplies) on a white napkin. But I love them all, and they all have the date and the bar where they were drawn on the back. I hope to someday do more of them - especially seeing as I am still looking for that elusive Mrs. Right :)

What's left over are a few generally-surrealist images that have come from somewhere deep down inside. They are weird, random, and sometimes, actual places. Landscape art has never really moved me. At least not in black and white. In paint - I am all about it. For drawing, it's entirely emotion. I am drawn to extreme emotion, and a deepness and richness within one's soul. I aim to illicit emotion and portray those qualities that attract me to people. As such, much of my art revolves around girls, because they are typically much more in touch with their own emotions and are more comfortable showing them to others. But there are an increasing number of guys making it into my artwork these days too.

So check them out - some are for sale, and some are just too precious to me to part with. If you are interested in purchasing one, or would like to discuss commissioning me for a drawing, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it.


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