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Professional Services
Splatter Girl - Splatter Series - Acrylic on Canvas Koki Ahh! Church in Fog
  Crafts - Clay Figurines - Mikey Etching - Bar Napkin Series - Electric Girl Mikayla Logo

Professional ServicesBesides my obvious love for the arts and creating artwork for sale on a personal level, I am also a professional designer for hire and have worked for vaious design firms, and most notably, I am a founding executive for Focus Power, our self-described "Freelance Collective". We specialize in a broad range of digital and physical products and services.

Our 'in-house' professionals consist of web designers, graphic designers, programmers, photographers, videographers, animators, audio engineers, musicians, sign-makers, printers, consultants and pretty much anything else you can think of that falls within the span between 'art' and 'media'.

If you have come to this website seeking more professional services for your business or personal projects and need anything in the way of websites, branding, merchandising, sign-making, professional photography, recording, video production, etc., please feel free to contact me through this website, or find me at Focus Power and I can arrange a meeting or put you through to the appropriate professional.

I am certain that we can find the best price for the absolute best services you have ever seen. We also function as print brokers - whereas we are able to do certain things in-house, for the ones we cannot, we will tirelessly search for the best prices available for you.

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